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Oct. 24 - Sandmines (photos coming soon)!

Nov. 12 - Open House at James Duff

Nov. 13-15 - Fall Ford-Wheelin' Weekend (Windrock)

Nov. 14 - SFWDA Fall Meet and Ride at Choccolocco Mountain (10 AM) 

Nov. 27 or 28 - Thanksgiving Ride (TBD)

Dec. 12 - ET4WD Christmas Party



Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting is:

Monday, Nov. 2, 2015 -  7:00 p.m.

at Dockside Grill
Louisville, TN

We are looking for a new location for our winter meetings beginning in December.  Any ideas for locations please e-mail gwbronco@gmail.com

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Off Road Adventures - Four Wheel Parts 

ET4WD has been approached by Off-Road Adventures magazine, a publication put out by 4WD, wanting to spotlight our club.  There will be a short write-up about what we do, and pictures of our club.  Please tell me if you DO NOT want your rig/picture to be sent out, otherwise, I am going to pick out some of the better pictures, or send me one that you would like to use, and send them in.  Also, hopefully we will be able to get a good group photo during Dixie this year.

* and do not worry, I will not send in pictures of anyone dumping oil into a stream, or destroying some virgin hill, or, or, or, anything else that would or could potentially be used against us in any criminal or civil court.  This is for an off-road publication, I doubt we will be the first club portrayed as… dare I say… four wheeling!

Again, if you don’t want to be pictured or mentioned, let us know.

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