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Oct. 24 - Sandmines (photos coming soon)!

Nov. 12 - Open House at James Duff

Nov. 13-15 - Fall Ford-Wheelin' Weekend (Windrock)

Nov. 14 - SFWDA Fall Meet and Ride at Choccolocco Mountain (10 AM) 

Nov. 27 or 28 - Thanksgiving Ride (TBD)

Dec. 12 - ET4WD Christmas Party



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Our next meeting is:

Monday, Nov. 2, 2015 -  7:00 p.m.

at Dockside Grill
Louisville, TN

We are looking for a new location for our winter meetings beginning in December.  Any ideas for locations please e-mail gwbronco@gmail.com

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Rescue Tellico Official Hearing - This is your time to SPEAK UP!


A hearing date certain has been set for SFWDA vs. FS on the Tellico OHV area.

A hearing will be held at 2 PM in Courtroom 50 Main Street, Bryson City, NC 28713 before Judge Martin Reidinger. You can view the calendar here http://www.ncwd.uscourts.gov/Calendar/Court.aspx. This is your money at work (your tax dollars supporting the FS and your after tax goodwill contributions to SFWDA, BRC, UFWDA). It is a public process. You are welcome to attend and encouraged to attend. It is fine to wear identifying attire that you are a supporter of off road driving (i.e club logos). Remember, you must be respectful of the Court and the process. You will not be allowed to speak during the proceedings. Just your presence in the court room will be enough. It will give you an opportunity to see our system at work. It is very important that we do not do anything that will reflect badly on our sport. I think it will be a testament to our resolve and perseverance to have as many of us as can participate to be there in person.

It appears the Judge has set aside the entire afternoon for the case. This means he may allow each side an hour to present. The FS and intervenors most likely will share the time allocated. SFWDA will present first, the FS and intervenors will present second, then most likely SFWDA will have a few minutes for rebuttal. Remember only the respective lawyers will present.

Please be reminded that it is very unlikely that a decision will be rendered on August 23rd. You will most likely be disappointed if you attend expecting to hear a decision. The decision will usually take 30 to 90 days. It may be in our best interest that the Judge take his time to consider everything in the case. Also, remember that any decision can be appealed by the opposing side.

Please re-post this information on other 4x4 boards and forums to help spread the word.

I look forward to seeing you on the 23rd in Bryson City, NC.

Thank you for your support.

Flint Holbrook
SFWDA Director Land Use and Conservation.

P.S. We also recommend that we all spend a few extra minutes on our knees praying for our legal team, the judge and a favorable outcome for our sport. 

NCWD Court Calendar 


The Sheriff's JeepFest - Crawl on a Cop Car for Charity

The Sheriff's JeepFest is a three day event that takes place annually to raise money for the Georgia Sheriff's Youth Homes. The purpose of Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes is to give our state's most at-risk children the love, safety, and structure needed to become mature, successful adults. This three day event includes a scaveger hunt on Friday, a vendor meet and greet, raffles and more. On Saturday and Sunday there is a vendor show, Four 100 yard long obstacle courses for all levels of experience, mud pit for those wanting to get dirty, a concert, and tons of raffle prizes. Come out and meet some great manufacturers and sponsors. During Saturday and Sunday's event you can also sign up for a guided small group trail ride through thousands of acres of private land opened only for this event. Trails range from novice to extreme. There is also the once in a lifetime.....Crawl on a cop car! Get some cool pictures of your Jeep driving over a cop car. For more information, to donate or to register your Jeep for this spectacular 3 day event, please visit: www.sheriffsjeepfest.com

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Nemo Tunnels Club Ride

 On this past Saturday a few club members ventured out towards an area in the Catoosa Wildlife Management just outside of Wartburg, TN in Morgan County. This area has been preserved as part of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Cumberland Trail System.

 These were railroad tunnels now retired and of 27 original tunnels 3 are still somewhat passable today. A number of these tunnels were bypassed during a wholesale elimination period between 1961 and 1963 including No.24. Now responsible four wheelers are able to enjoy and the area for it's beautiful landscape and history. No. 24 is the most popular. They were built to last but nature always takes her toll and all of man’s creations eventually fall into ruin. No. 24 was completed around 1880 and is lined with stone and arched in brick, thousands of bricks. In fact, the bricks are several layers thick so lots and lots of brick laying was done upside down on the ceiling in a dark tunnel before electric lights.

 Nemo, meaning “no one” in Latin, was once a sizable town and was where the two railroads met prior to 1940. This is still an active route for the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway.  There trains on this track come frequently so be careful and stay away from the tracks as they appear suddenly out of the tunnel. Water depth inside the tunnel varies through the seasons and can get up to about a foot deep before it crests in the middle. For those who make it out in tact they can reflect on local history and life on the railroads.

Here are a few pictures from the trip contributed by club member Jonanthan Plaza


Trail Building in the works at Coal Creek

This is a message to be shared direct from Ron, the Trail Supervesior at Coal Creek, OHV Park......... 


I have identified a new area on the Coal Creek OHV Park that is a good
opportunity for a project for all the Jeep Clubs to get involved with.
Here is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor to design a unique
concept and help manage the construction of the Trail System. This is
something that I want to get started this fall when the weather gets
cooler and the snakes go to sleep. Right now what I am looking for 6
people that can assist in the design and layout of this trail. If you
know what kind of trails that 4x4 Jeep/Truck people like to ride on and
you can think outside the box then I am looking for you to join the
group. Only respond if you are committed in seeing this project thru to
the end. It would be nice if we had at least one representative from
each of the above named organizations.

As soon as I have the people in place for the design and layout team, I
will setup a time that the team and I can meet and go out and see the
area at Coal Creek.

I am really excited to do this trail and have a concept in mind that I
have mentioned to several of you here and there. Please pass the word in
the community and respond if you are interested in joining the design
and layout team.

This fall we will need additional help. Coal Creek will provide all the
heavy equipment and resources/materials are available in the area to
create this trail system. This is gonna be BIG!

For more info on Coal Creek OHV Park - http://www.coalcreekohv.com/


Sparta Spring Clean Up

 ET4WD will be leading an organized Trail Cleanup Ride at Golden Mountain Park in Sparta, TN this coming Saturday. Everyone is invited and we welcome you to please come out and join us to ride some trails and clean up the park as we go. Do your part to maintain the trails we enjoy. Help keep this park beautiful for others to enjoy in the future. We will be there all day and head home for the night. We're meeting at 9am Eastern / 8am Central at the GMP parking lot. Pack a lunch and a trash bag, and lets show them what we're all about.