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Upcoming Events

Oct. 24 - Sandmines (photos coming soon)!

Nov. 12 - Open House at James Duff

Nov. 13-15 - Fall Ford-Wheelin' Weekend (Windrock)

Nov. 14 - SFWDA Fall Meet and Ride at Choccolocco Mountain (10 AM) 

Nov. 27 or 28 - Thanksgiving Ride (TBD)

Dec. 12 - ET4WD Christmas Party



Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting is:

Monday, Nov. 2, 2015 -  7:00 p.m.

at Dockside Grill
Louisville, TN

We are looking for a new location for our winter meetings beginning in December.  Any ideas for locations please e-mail gwbronco@gmail.com

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Welcome to East Tennessee Four Wheel Drive!


Crawl Rally at The Rock

The 1st annual Crawl Rally at The Rock hosted the TN MTN JUNKIES club will be held during the first weekend of June 1-3. Here's a breakdown of the events they're planning along with some useful info for those planning to attend.  

  • They will have 2 Raffles. One for stuff and a 50/50 raffle.
  • Proceeds from the 50/50 Raffle will go to Anderson County Rescue Squad.
  • No Charge for Vendors to set up at events area.
  • Clean out your Junk and bring it to the Swap Meet!
  • Live Music will be provided by the band “HAZE” (Country and Rock) 
  • Alcohol is allowed at the events area, but Extra Security will be on site to handle anyone who wants to be an A** Hole.
  • No permit required for folks just wanting to enter the events area for the swap meet and live music.
  • A Land use permit is required for each person entering the Coal Creek OHV Area Trails. 

More Info on Coal Creek Website


We're Steadily Growing

 Over this past month we have several new members. We would like to welcome Bryan, Tim, Jonathan, and Ron to our club, we are always glad to see new people come out and see what we’re about. If you would like to join just contact us through one of the many channels we have online, or meet us at one of our upcoming meetings or events. We look forward to continuing to grown as a club in an effort to promote and protect four wheeling nationwide, and expecially right here in the South.

 The dues required for membership is to join Southern Forou Wheel Drive. Registration forms will be available next meeting for those of us who haven’t already joined this year ($30).  Membership is low and we need to do our part to help them out.  You can of course always register on their website, just be sure to enter your local club as ET4WD.


Trailfest 2012 is a Wrap

 We would like to thank everyone for helping out at this year’s TrailFest. From leading the trail rides, to the Schweinberg’s famous meals, to the huge bonfire, and cleaning up the campsite!  Remember to keep your pictures under 5mb when sending them to Debbie.  I would like to also give a special thanks to Brad, Mason (Brian), Joe, and Wayne for giving us the opportunity to hone our recovery skills!  I’m glad no one got hurt and remember to ALWAYS wear your seat belt / harness while on the trail!!!


Pickett State Park Trip

This was the second venture for a few members and a first for many others who visited this bautiful and majestic park right on the Tennessee / Kentucky Border around Jamestown, TN. The Pickett State Park area is quiet and serene filled with miles of hiking trails, caves, and a neat suspended bridge over the water area. Adjacent to the Big South Fork National Park and sharing most of the Cumberland's charecteristics. Sandy soil and sticky sandstone rocks made four wheeling more enjoyable than the typical TN clay any day. We camped out for two nights after arriving on Friday at some of the parks cabins. After unloading we all settled in for a long day out on the trails Saturday. (well some of us did)Our trail ride through the forest led us by some scenic views and other natural formations that could only be accessed via off road vehicle. From natural bridges and mammoth overhangs, arches that span into the sky, and waterfalls to boot, there was lots to see here. Everyone made it back safely for hte night and we enjoyed a tasy fire grilled dinner prepared by the club. What a weekend, can't wait to go back!


Trail 39 Bypass or Not

  A couple of club members went up to Windrock trail 39 and cut a couple of bypass trails near the hard rock/mud hill climb going towards Cadillac Hill as part of a continuing effort of the new trail build. It turned out to be a winch fest and the video Matt Pavel created tells the story.