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Monday, August 3, 2015 -  7:00 p.m.

at Dockside Grill
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Welcome to East Tennessee Four Wheel Drive!


Dixie Run 2011

 Dixie Run is now in the books and it was another history making event for all who participated. Everyone had a great time, and we're all already looking forward to next years annual events. Now that a week has passed we are ready and planning to upload pictures from the event and any stories you want to share as well. Please submit your pictures through the member login upload and we'll take care of the rest. We want to keep our new website content fresh so please be sure to contribute even if it just a few pictures or stories


Windrock & Our final Test / Tune Club Trail Ride

 The weather was perfect for a sunday drive so we dicided to go four wheeling. We took off from the parking lot right on time around 9:45 ish, after a few bolts were tightened up. We hit up trail 16 first and everyone had a great time so then we explored a few different connectors before we shot over to the Windmills for a scenic look, and they were really moving that day. You could hear the turbines generating power as they whirled around and around. Next we headed to the other side of the Mountain for a ride on Trail 4 and then 19 I think. As the sun was going down , we were headed back down to the parking lot when we decided to split into two groups. A few went down trail 21, while a few went up 15, and then back down. Trail 19 survivors called it a day. On the way down 15 a broken track bar and bent shock we were forced to perform a trailside recovery. All in all it was another awesome day out in the woods with the ET4WD club. Next up is Dixie Run!


Trail Closure Action Required

Squally and Little Buffalo is gated, and has been for a while. This has been done by the land owners. This road closure is illegal according to "plat of survey" and Deed where Beemis Logging Company deeded the road as a "PUBLIC motorized right of way". We need to get this re-opened!


New park in planning Stages - Your input is needed 

 The City of Coalmont, TN is planning the development of a publically owned and operated Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) park within their city limits along the Cumberland Plateau.  The City has obtained a grant from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development for development of this park.  The project is currently in the planning and design phase and is requesting public participation to identify OHV user' needs in the southeast.  The success of the park depends on support and feedback from the southern OHV community.  A public opinion survey has been created to collect feedback from OHV riders and can be accessed at the link below. Please complete the survey and show your support! We're hoping to receive enough surveys by July 31st to begin drafting the park plans.  We need all the help and support we can get!  Help rally the southern OHV community in the support for additional OHV facilities within your region by participating in this survey!


Farmer| Morgan L.L.C. and the City of Coalmont, TN 

Link to Survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QMWKVGT



New Meeting Venue

It's been confirmed. Our new meeting location on a trial basis will be Vernon's in Knoxville. There will be a limited menu but the whole restaurant will be solely ours. We will stick with the same schedule, first Monday of each month at 7pm. This next meeting is August 1st. Make sure you come out so we can get a consensus from all members. Some other members did offer up alternative locations, and so majority will decide. 

 For a map and directions; http://maps.google.com/maps/place?rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&oe=UTF-8&rlz=1I7GFRG_en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=vernons+knoxville&fb=1&gl=us&hq=vernons&hnear=0x885c162246ce42a9:0x7bea92dac4f534c5,Knoxville,+TN&cid=7554676817481728637