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Oct. 24 - Sandmines (photos coming soon)!

Nov. 12 - Open House at James Duff

Nov. 13-15 - Fall Ford-Wheelin' Weekend (Windrock)

Nov. 14 - SFWDA Fall Meet and Ride at Choccolocco Mountain (10 AM) 

Nov. 27 or 28 - Thanksgiving Ride (TBD)

Dec. 12 - ET4WD Christmas Party



Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting is:

Monday, Nov. 2, 2015 -  7:00 p.m.

at Dockside Grill
Louisville, TN

We are looking for a new location for our winter meetings beginning in December.  Any ideas for locations please e-mail gwbronco@gmail.com

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Welcome to East Tennessee Four Wheel Drive!


A message from the Director of the BRC

Dear Friends:

February is the "love month" and I'd like to share a few things you're really going to "love" hearing...it's about your BRC and the future of backcountry recreation.

And we need your help on a few things that will impact us heavily as we start this New Year. Here is my thinking on "It Takes a Team."

First off, BRC has taken the lead nationwide on the possible Endangered Species Listing of a dog-gone bird that is affecting recreational access on 47 million acres in 10 western states - the Sage Grouse. We've got our feathers ruffled over this one (bad pun, huh?), because without common sense built into the equation, the potential for closures and restrictions rivals the Spotted Owl days of a decade ago. Your BRC, with your help and involvement is focusing the nationwide collaborative process to show we can coexist with the Sage Grouse, and still have recreational access. But it takes a team to do it. Start here for an entire library of Sage Grouse data and updates: http://www.sharetrails.org/public-lands/10-state-sage-grouse-planning.

Second, BRC's website has taken our internet presence to new levels and is engaging members from all over in the many fronts of our conservation battles. I ask that you bookmark your BRC website and visit often, and if you have room in your email inbox, sign up for our alerts because we are leaders in information technology flow.

Click on your state or choose National Issues on our blue map here where you can help us implement "it takes a team" here: http://www.BlueRibbonCoalition.Org.

Third, BRC is committed to helping bring all national/regional and backcountry groups together more often in collaborative efforts where cooperation and coordination prevail. I know it; you know it; sometimes groups don't always play nice in the same sand box. But our sports and our trails rely on all of us in organized recreation working cooperatively. BRC is focused on finding more opportunities together and having fewer obstacles in the way. BRC maintains its role in facilitating the nationwide gathering of off-road motorized groups in the North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC) where it really does take a team:http://www.namrc.com/.

Fourth, our First of the Year Fund-Raiser should be in your hands shortly. Please send in a donation and help us keep the fun alive. As your new Director of Operations, I can assure you that it is your support and donations that give us the strength to carry our message from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

No donation is too small...it all helps and for sure, It Takes a Team. https://www.sharetrails.org/support/join-or-contribute.

Del Albright
Director of Operations


Call to Action - A Day to represent in front of legislators

 The very active Iva Michelle Russell  has shared this update and so I am passing it along.

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, NOHVCC - Tennessee will host its first annual OHV Day on the Hill during the 108th Tennessee General Assembly, now in session. State legislators will have the opportunity to view table displays from industry leaders and meet OHV enthusiasts from across the state, as they gather at the state capitol to experience the state legislative process at work.

OHV, which stands for Off-Highway Vehicle, is a recreational group that is comprised of more than909,000 users in the state of Tennessee with anestimated $3.4 billion economic impact to state and local economies. OHV encompasses several offroad vehicle types including: All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Offroad Motorcycles (OHM), 4x4's, hybrid buggies and Side by Sides (ROV), with more variations being developed each year.

During the OHV Day on the Hill, organizers plan on highlighting the many positive aspects of responsible OHV recreation, with a special emphasis on child safety.

If you are an OHV club, organizations, business or riding area and want to reserve a table space, email:iva@ivamichellerussell.com



Off Road Adventures Magazine has hit the Presses

 Check out the January 2014 Edition of Off Road Adventures magazine.
On page 38 you can find our ET4WD Club Profile. If you don't receive the printed version in the mail you can view the online version here. Many thanks to Abi and Matt even though both weren't credited for photography. Many thanks to all the club members who did submit photos and contributing. Thanks to both Joe and Josh for putting together our BIO profile of course.




Google + Social Media Added

 In keeping with the trends I have added our Google Plus page into our website. You will find a link at the lower right side of the screen where you can click to go direct anytime you choose. There you will find an aggregate of youtube videos, photos from recent events, and a calendar of events. The best part is that it integrates so tightly with all the other google doo dads that we all enjoy so much. So here it is and enjoy....   https://plus.google.com/u/0/115057028982546536808/posts


Beasley Knob ORV - Gov. forces shutwdown

From Ric Barton regarding a statement from Curtis Barnhart, SFWDA Adopt-A-Trail Representative for the Beasley Knob ORV Trail System in Blairsville, Georgia……
As a result of the Federal Government "Shut Down" that took place this week, the Beasley Knob ORV area in Blairsville, GA is closed until further notice. You may call 706-745-6928 for a list of other areas that are closed in the Chattahoochee Oconee National Forest as well as for updates on these closures. DO NOT RELY ON THE U.S. FOREST SERVICE WEBSITE for information pertaining to these closures as the site is not being updated. You must call the number above for information.