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ET4WD September Club Ride

Club Ride Saturday 11-18

Fall colors ride at the Sandmines

BP parking lot between 09:00-10:00

* or camping at the V-notch Friday night

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Monday, November 3rd, 2014 -  7:00 p.m.

at Dockside Grill
Louisville, Tn

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Welcome to East Tennessee Four Wheel Drive!


Smokies Baseball Game  

 What happens when you combine ET4Wd, baseball, and Independnece Day Weekend. A heck of a good time is what. Come on out and join us.
Join ET4WD as we celebrate our Independence Day Weekend. Relax in the comfort of an air conditioned suite while enjoying the game, food, friends, drinks, and some fireworks to top it off.

During this experience you will enjoy the game up above the action at Smokies Park. Spoil yourself to the entertainment and attraction of a Smokies game from the holy grail of spectator ...seating: a Smokies baseball luxury suite!

An evening with us in a luxury suite provides endless amenities. You and yours can take in our "Nine-Inning Vacation" from inside one of our fully furnished suites, or enjoy the action from its private balcony. Each climate controlled luxury suite at Smokies Park comes complete with hostess service, cable TV and a radio broadcast of the Smokies game you are enjoying. Life's never been so good!

Tickets should be $25 per person, assuming we have 20 attend. Either way bring $25 and we'll figure it all out. Getting excited, myself. Oh yea, families are welcome. Under 5 is free I think.


Fathers Day Weekend Rides

This weekend was so special we represented ET4WD at multiple trail destinations. Some went to Windrock and others went to the Sandmines. With several rigs on each ride and beautifull weather once again it turned out to be a great day. Take a look at some of the pictures from the weekend. When your done be sure to check a few videos on our forum, take a look. This was a great Fathers Day Weekend.  


4Wheel Drive Hardware Jeep Club Rewards Program

 We are pleased to announce that we are now offering an additional benefit to all club members. The 4Wheel Drive Hardware Jeep Club Rewards Program offers a 10% discounts on all products and exclusive deals only available to club members.

 All active club members are now enrolled and you can start using this as soon as you receive your membership information. All you need to do is provide the group details during checkout. More All active club members are now enrolled and you can start using this as soon as you receive your membership information. All you need to do is provide the group details during checkout. More details available on the flyer and in your packet. If you would like to take advantage of the program and are not already a member, let us know. We are are growing, but we still have room for more :)    http://www.4wd.com/ 


Tracy City Memorial Day - Weekend Bash

 A few club members and their families ventured on down to Tracy City, TN with rigs in tow for what was promised to be an epic ride. This is an annual event organized by the SFWDA club Damn Locals and they've been organizing this weekend event for years. The weather could not have better especially considering all the rain we have seen lately. A couple nights of camping were on the must do list.  From the scenery in these photos they were not let down. This place looks awesome. Check out the pictures and see for yourself. We definately need to plan another club ride  down there. 


Trailfest 2013 Wrap-uP

I have gathered enough pictures to post a quick slideshow worthy of sharing. If you haven't seen Matt's compilation video check it out on our videos page. http://et4wd.org/video-gallery-page-1-2013-vi/
Make sure you also check out the rest of the pics here too; http://et4wd.org/trailfest-2013/