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ET4WD June Club Ride



Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting is:

Monday, August 3, 2015 -  7:00 p.m.

at Dockside Grill
Louisville, Tn

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We don't have any hard rules, but the following are some guidelines - things that most of our club would consider common sense.

o   4-wheel-drive vehicle

o   Mud tires
Sorry, all-terrains just don't cut it in the south.

o   Fire extinguisher.
The small units that people carry don't last very long, so the more that are on hand the better, no matter who needs them.

o   Spare Tire.
A working spare of the right size.

o   Jack.
A jack is a nice touch also, but that could probably be borrowed.

o   Lug wrench.

o   Front and Rear tow hooks.
Solid attachment points on the vehicle, i.e. tow hooks, receiver insert, etc.

o   Snatch strap.
When you get a strap, make sure to get one with loops on ends, not metal hooks. The metal hooks can break free and become dangerous when under a load.

o   CB
A CB radio of some sort would be a plus.

o   Garbage bags.
A garbage bag or two for their own trash and possibly a little trail cleanup.

o   First-aid kit.

o   Seat belts for everyone.

o   Functioning brakes.

o   Battery bolted down (no bungee cords).

o   Legal exhaust system.

o   Flash light.

o   Leather gloves.

o   Food and water.

o   Tools and spare parts as appropriate.

o   Appropriate clothes.

o   Factory hard top, roll bar or roll cage (depending on trail).

o   All interior items must be tied down or secured.
If you ever do a roll-over without things tied down, you will not go out again without things tied down.

o   Winch.
Not mandatory, but suggested, there are some challenges on some of the trails, and it is a handy item to have onboard.